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Dogs groomed and sold the Fat Sak

January 19th, 2009 at 11:37 pm

Well I managed to make 135.00 this weekend. I had two pekinese from my C List add and a puppy. I also sold my fat sak. But I blew $26 on fast food. Went to vitamin cottage for spring water, dog food, apples and spend 28.00. Gave $20 to my son because the Fat Sak was his, and I had to explain I'd get another one when we had the room for it. $22.81 at the Grocery store for meat and veggies.
The Dollar Tree for laundry soap, dishsoap, kleenex and few other items. $11. And $15.00 for a tank of gas. I have $10.00 in my wallet and $20.00 I can't remember where it went.
So I made money, but I also spent it.

I have a money making idea!

January 8th, 2009 at 05:56 pm

So, I'm pretty much per month, due to the garnishment, I am down on the moeny situation and how the heck will I get by? I have a shih tzu dog that is 13 and i began to groom her at home. I think I'm pretty good at it. So I decided to put an ad on C's list and see what happened. I have a few responses and two potential "clients" already. I'm just going with this. I will charge $20 per small dog. Any comments for me?

Dead Beat Dad III

January 7th, 2009 at 06:54 pm

Today I am scheduled to begin child support enforcement for my one and only child. The thing is, i've had a few appointments and I haven't gone! call me stupid and spineless! I feel the father is such a trainwreck! He has NEVER had steady employment, has always let me down, and I probably make more money than him. I also believe he is mentally ill and really needs psychological help, on the last visit, he threw his son against a bed frame and now he has been charged with child abuse. so he doesn't even see his son. but i want to make the point to get him to step up. here i am with all my money issues and i don't know why i get this emotional over child support. in november he gave me $100. he didn't get a birthday or xmas gift for his own son.

I am changing my perspective

January 5th, 2009 at 05:29 pm

I finally got my hands on the book by Dave Ramsey "Total Money MakeOver" I rented it from the library. I have been reading different financial expert's websites and tv shows, really trying to get a grip on handling my MONEY. I am pretty much rock bottom and not within my income means. I am way out of budget. I am filing for chapter 13 in order to get this Tiger Kim Academy to stop garnishing my paychecks, for classes that my son never took. I now am paying an attorney trying to get the courts to look at my case again and decide if Tiger Kim is grossly taking advantage of me. I still get by with the help of my parent's giving me cash for gas, food, medicine for my son, pet food. I still have my Aveo, which was hit by a bicyclist, and has a huge dent in one door. I'm torn about what to do with the car. If I keep the car, it could be a good investment. I owe $8000. I'm serious about recording every penny I spend and asking for receipts for everything, I am trying to live frugal, beginning a new year, and hopefully a new mind set. I really need to realize who I am and face the truth about my life style and what I expect versus what I can afford. Any Advice?