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Change is hard

August 6th, 2008 at 06:42 pm

I received a couple of calls from Longwood Industries, a company that will buy your car. They match up buyers with sellers. They claim I could sell it this weekend for the price I'm asking. I gave up on selling my car a few weeks ago. I've decided to go to a 2-year college for Radiologic Technology. Its a full-time day program. I would quit my full-time day job to attend. The issue with fullfilling my goal is how do I afford to live? If I graduate with an AAS in Radiologic Technology, the income will be very good. It will put me in a position to live life and support myself completely. But, if I have to work in the evenings (waiting tables) I'll never see my son. I'm doing scholarship searches and finding out what money could be out there for me. If I sold my car, once again, I'd have less debt and relief from huge car payments. I need to make huge life changing decisions and it scares me!