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Change is hard

August 6th, 2008 at 06:42 pm

I received a couple of calls from Longwood Industries, a company that will buy your car. They match up buyers with sellers. They claim I could sell it this weekend for the price I'm asking. I gave up on selling my car a few weeks ago. I've decided to go to a 2-year college for Radiologic Technology. Its a full-time day program. I would quit my full-time day job to attend. The issue with fullfilling my goal is how do I afford to live? If I graduate with an AAS in Radiologic Technology, the income will be very good. It will put me in a position to live life and support myself completely. But, if I have to work in the evenings (waiting tables) I'll never see my son. I'm doing scholarship searches and finding out what money could be out there for me. If I sold my car, once again, I'd have less debt and relief from huge car payments. I need to make huge life changing decisions and it scares me!

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  1. merch Says:

    Fear is a good thing. It's your mind saying let's be sure and did we look at all the risks.

    So, let's start with one change at a time. I think selling your car is the easiest so why don't you move forward with that and remove the debt from your life?

    Now let's talk about school. Can you go part time or do you have to go full time? Could you go part time on your job? In other words, could I go to school Tues and Thurs and work Mon, Wed, and Fri. Even it is a full time program, if you could squeeze the courses into two days instead of all 5, it would allow you time to work.

    Do you have someone who can help you (a relative or friend)?

    Another option is to continue working to pay down your debt and save money so you can go to school and it not be a financial burden.

    I would probably sell the car and put off college until September 2009. During that year, I would research scholarship and grants (maybe work with the admissions people or get a new job that would pay for your college). At the same time, I would aggressively save and pay down my debt.

    I think that would get you in a much better position. Remember, use fear as a gut check on the riskiness of your decisions, but don't let it rule you.

    Good luck.

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