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$5000 for my car...

July 21st, 2008 at 02:34 pm

well I drove to the Carmax in my area on Saturday. I was given an "agressive" offer for my little Aveo, of $5000. Too bad I owe $8400. I don't have the balance to pay. So I drove back home and let everything sink in. The good news is that I have a reliable, gas sipping, little car. It's not like I've lost or didnt' get something. I tried to get out of debt. I'm going to try to just pay what I can every payday, and get thru the debt payment process over the next year or so. Staying in the one bedroom isn't that terrible, I like the apartment and the area. I have about $11 in my bank accounts, but the good new is that my 401K contributions are growing!

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