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I need to get my degree

July 13th, 2008 at 07:30 pm

So, here I am working my job, that I found through a temp agency about 2 years ago. I have been promoted to a position that involves accounts receivable, doing financial reporting to the controller and keeping track of the service work that we provide. I feel I don't know enough about accounting and business to be as effective as I should be. I feel stupid when I have to continue to ask the controller the hows and whys about things like the accrual process, lien waivers, what happens when I enter a credit memo or need to adjust a customer account. I want to finish my degree and I constantly wonder if I should pursue something that I would really love or I could get a business degree and maybe that would help me in my current company. I don't really know how or where. I just feel very out of the professional world. I am in charge of collecting the past due accounts for our department and when I first started this position about a year ago, I really didn't focus on the past due accounts, and the 120+ past due balance got up to 140K! I am still trying to collect on past due invoices from 2007. The thing is that even my supervisor never brought up how important the collections were. I'm lucky to have an understanding controller, but I feel that I'm just putting invoices into the computer and really out of the bigger picture....what is the way to turn? Plus I need to make more money with my degree, hopefully.

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  1. gamecock43 Says:

    I understand how you feel. You are on an assembly line and cant see the whole product. Thats so frusterating. A degree would help a good deal, but I have also found that my college and masters degree have no real bearing on real world situations. But maybe its different in business courses. My degrees are liberal arts.

  2. Amber Says:

    Don't feel stupid for asking questions, I think it is great that you ask. There is a girl who works with me and won't ask and makes a ton of mistakes...I think it would be great if you pursued your education, good luck

  3. crazyliblady Says:

    I think the real question you should be asking yourself is do you really love what you are doing? Would you really love continuing to work in the business field, or is there another area of interest you would rather pursue? Close your eyes and imagine your perfect job. How do you see your perfect job? Do you work with people or on your own? Do you travel? Do you work with numbers or ideas? What are you passionate about? A career counselor told me in 1990 "do what you love. The money will follow." I did do that - which upset my mother greatly, but I make a good income and I love doing what I do.

  4. merch Says:

    I agree with crazyliblady about doing what you love.

    As for college, it is not the end all be all. I have a finance degree and an MS in finance. I work for investment houses in the front office (portfolio management, research area, etc.). Most of the knowledge I received was on the job. In fact I would say probaly 90% of what I know was on the job.

    The degrees did help to open doors but that was about it.

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